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Borealis Region Application- Sebastion Miles by Gordofrog
Borealis Region Application- Sebastion Miles

Seems like a fun rp, a good source of drawing prompts, and I'm liking my character so far. Looking forward to this.

Name: Sebastion Miles
Nickname: Bastion
Age: 22
Birthdate: April 14th, Aries
Gender: Male
Hometown: Platinum City, Borealis region
Occupation: Recent College Grad
Type of Trainer: New
Favorite Type: Normal
Least Favorite Type: Rock


Growing up in the big city, Sebastion is very fluid and adaptable, blending into new crowds and situations like an illusive Kecleon. He is extremely extroverted and tends to get restless if left alone for too long. Bastion is very curious and loves staying at the forefront of new technology, constantly looking into what is being developed and the ideas behind each new creation. Being just out of college, he is somewhat adrift, not sure where he should go next. Also, he has a hard time dealing with people who aren't particularly clever, as he's spent the last few years of his life surrounded by those pursuing higher learning.


As a kid in Platinum City, Sebastion was surrounded by a seemingly endless world full of zooming cars, flashing lights and a kaleidoscope of people; he looked out and saw an infinite number of possibilities for the future. As he grew up however, the world seemed to lose its magic; the lights seemed faded, the bustling city became a hive of lifeless drones and the people just seemed like the same rotation of faces and problems. He grew restless, wanting to go out and explore the faraway lands he learned about in his classes, but he was stuck in a rut of working, classes and rest. The infinite possibilities he saw as a kid had vanished till only two remained in his eyes: he could go to work after he graduated and live the same dull life as so many other resident of Platinum City, or he could leave, forge his own path, and hopefully come out with a story or two to tell. 

When graduation day finally came, he had his travel bag already packed.

-Laptop in his bag


-To be Determined-
Lux, The Lady of Luminosity by Gordofrog
Lux, The Lady of Luminosity
My personal favorite champion in League. Something about playing a positive character just washes away the stress of MOBAs. 
Gorg, the Frog of War by Gordofrog
Gorg, the Frog of War

Meet Gorg, the Frog of War. 

Based on the pebble frog that George turned out to be, Gorg is a top-lane fighter/tank who uses his ability to turn his skin into stone to wallop enemies into submission. He accels at initiating and soaking up damage, making him a great team fighter, though his early game is a bit lacking.

His passive gives him a buff to his next auto-attack after every ability he uses. This buff doesn't stack on itself.

For his Q, Gorg spits a small pebble at his opponent, doing minor damage. This has a very short cooldown and is great for proccing his passive and racking up damage over time. Think Fox's laser in Smash brothers.

His W turns his whole body to stone, granting him a massive bonus to armor and magic resist, while dramatically slowing his movespeed.

His E is a leap with a fairly long cooldown. If W is cast midair, Gorg turns to stone and plummets immediately, causing AoE damage and a 1.5 second stun.

Finally, his Ult, which I'm not sure about yet. I'm between a move where he turns to stone and rolls forward like a boulder or a move where he turns his tongue to stone and whips it around a multihit damaging cone.

What do you guys think?

Ekorii, Piltover's Reach by Gordofrog
Ekorii, Piltover's Reach
A while back, a thread on Reddit pointed out the grievous lack of Giraffe champions in League of Legends. Ekorii is my attempt to rectify that problem.

Obviously, a giraffe champ is a silly concept, so I wanted to try and make a more serious character with the concept, just to see what happened. Ekorii was the lab rat to a series of experiments at the hands of a mad Zaunian scientist. He cut her up, infused her with mechanical bits and pieces, and cursed her with the sentience to understand what he's done to her. As her mind began to comprehend the world for the first time, she flew into a blind rage, rampaging her way to unfamiliar freedom. Over time, she stumbled into Piltover, where she started a life and used strength to help others. (I'll add to this later, but I'm pretty dead tired, atm.)

Ekorii would serve as a mid to upper difficulty jungle assassin who's focuses lied in mobility, jungle fighting and vision. To compensate, her teamfight potential would be some what subpar in out of the jungle and her clear times would be average at best.

Being a giraffe, her passive, Above the Acacia Trees, grants her increased vision, as well as the ability to see over walls a reduced distance.

Her Q, THWOMP!, allows her to whip her neck around and slam it into her opponents, damaging and stunning the target for a short period of time. 

Her W, Grapple Shot, launches her hook-shot appendages forward. If it connects with an enemy champ, she will launch forward towards them, damaging the target on impact. Once the hook-shots extend fully, they retract, and if they connect with terrain on the way back, Ekorii will launch forward to the other side of said terrain. 

Her E is still undetermined atm

Her Ult, Savannah Slam, grabs a target a whips them around twice in a large circle (roughly the size of Zyra's Ult) before slamming them in front of Ekorii. Damage increases for every instance of terrain, turrets, or enemy champs in the targets path as they are flung. Connecting with enemy champs will also damage them for a smaller amount. 
Avery The Doveomancer by Gordofrog
Avery The Doveomancer
Idea I've been playing with for a new LoL champ. A high mobility mage that focuses on outlasting the opponent in lane through dodging skillshots, a shield, and high magic resist/ mp5 stat growth. Lore wise, he was an aspiring magician who spent a decade and a half trying to figure out how to how to pull off the simple "dove-in-the-sleeve" trick. Through over-thinking, perseverance, and a little luck, he accidentally created a new magic, Doveomancy, which allows him to make doves from nothingness. Using he powerful and unique magic, Avery set out to see what he could do on the Fields of Justice. Avery as a character is mellow-mannered, unsure of himself, and not the brightest tool in the shed, but he is determined, surprisingly creative and very resourceful.

Passive: "Pecking Order" When an opponent is hit by Avery's "Q", Ult, or auto attacks, a dove will begin circling them for 5 seconds, doing minor damage over time. Stacks up to three times.

Q: "Dove-vide and Conquer" Two doves fly forward, first away from one another, then toward. They intersect at the point where the spell was cast, then disappear. Each enemy hit takes magic damage, and any enemies hit by both doves are slowed for 1.5 seconds.

W: "Olive Branch" Several doves circle Avery's outstretched arm, creating a shield that reduces the damage of any attacks it comes in contact with. The shield is powerful, but only blocks damage in front of Avery, so it must be aimed. 

E: "Early Bird" A symbol is placed on the ground. If Avery or an ally step on it, it triggers "Gets the Worm" launching the player into the air and forward in the direction they were walking when they stepped on it.

R: "Tunnel of Dove" Avery unleashes a swarm of doves. Pressing "R" while this ult is up places the starting point of the line of doves, which then shoot out in the direction of the next mouse click. Alt-casting this spell automatically makes Avery the starting point and casts it immediately in the direction of the cursor. If this attack hits any enemies, it deals magic damage and pushes them back the distance of the line. If Avery is in the path of the dove swarm when it's activated, he will also be pushed the length of the attack, though without suffering damage. The dove swarm lasts 3.5 seconds, and can't be passed by enemies through normal means while up. Dashes, blinks, jumps and things of that nature, however, can pass through. 

Feedback would be appreciated, let me know what you think in the comments. I'll be putting up a more detailed character sheet in the near future.


Austin Boitnott
Artist | Student
United States
I'm an on again/ off-again doodler. Expect fan stuff mostly, Pokemon, League, and random other stuff I like. I love doing character concepts, so expect those too.


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