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Avery The Doveomancer by Gordofrog
Avery The Doveomancer
Idea I've been playing with for a new LoL champ. A high mobility mage that focuses on outlasting the opponent in lane through dodging skillshots, a shield, and high magic resist/ mp5 stat growth. Lore wise, he was an aspiring magician who spent a decade and a half trying to figure out how to how to pull off the simple "dove-in-the-sleeve" trick. Through over-thinking, perseverance, and a little luck, he accidentally created a new magic, Doveomancy, which allows him to make doves from nothingness. Using he powerful and unique magic, Avery set out to see what he could do on the Fields of Justice. Avery as a character is mellow-mannered, unsure of himself, and not the brightest tool in the shed, but he is determined, surprisingly creative and very resourceful.

Passive: "Pecking Order" When an opponent is hit by Avery's "Q", Ult, or auto attacks, a dove will begin circling them for 5 seconds, doing minor damage over time. Stacks up to three times.

Q: "Dove-vide and Conquer" Two doves fly forward, first away from one another, then toward. They intersect at the point where the spell was cast, then disappear. Each enemy hit takes magic damage, and any enemies hit by both doves are slowed for 1.5 seconds.

W: "Olive Branch" Several doves circle Avery's outstretched arm, creating a shield that reduces the damage of any attacks it comes in contact with. The shield is powerful, but only blocks damage in front of Avery, so it must be aimed. 

E: "Early Bird" A symbol is placed on the ground. If Avery or an ally step on it, it triggers "Gets the Worm" launching the player into the air and forward in the direction they were walking when they stepped on it.

R: "Tunnel of Dove" Avery unleashes a swarm of doves. Pressing "R" while this ult is up places the starting point of the line of doves, which then shoot out in the direction of the next mouse click. Alt-casting this spell automatically makes Avery the starting point and casts it immediately in the direction of the cursor. If this attack hits any enemies, it deals magic damage and pushes them back the distance of the line. If Avery is in the path of the dove swarm when it's activated, he will also be pushed the length of the attack, though without suffering damage. The dove swarm lasts 3.5 seconds, and can't be passed by enemies through normal means while up. Dashes, blinks, jumps and things of that nature, however, can pass through. 

Feedback would be appreciated, let me know what you think in the comments. I'll be putting up a more detailed character sheet in the near future.
Frillish Twins by Gordofrog
Frillish Twins
Two Frillish in the style of Gravity Falls. Apparently I can't draw twins in any other style. :P

I'm working on improving my digital art skills, so if you have any ideas I can use to practice, let me know. 


Austin Boitnott
Artist | Student
United States
I'm an on again/ off-again doodler. Expect fan stuff mostly, Pokemon, League, and random other stuff I like. I love doing character concepts, so expect those too.


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welp, I waited long enough and I'll take the collab team offer c:
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cool, how bout I fill out my part of the app then when you're ready, you'll fill out your part c:
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