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Defiant Gravity by Gordofrog
Defiant Gravity
To the skies, defiant graaaavity; and you can't grab me now!


Since Sebastion is still a new trainer, he sometimes has trouble reigning in Digit's mischievous nature. Between Gravity and Magnet Rise, the devious Porygon enjoys using its battle moveset to tease and harass the young rookie. In such a short time together, Digit has already mastered getting under Bastion's skin. : P

If anyone wants collaborate with or just meet this disastrous duo, just let me know. 
Borealis Region Application- Sebastion Miles by Gordofrog
Borealis Region Application- Sebastion Miles

Seems like a fun rp, a good source of drawing prompts, and I'm liking my character so far. Looking forward to this.

“So your favorite type is Normal? How mundane! You loath the predicable – desiring a life full of exploration and suspense. The moment you feel you're stuck in a rut you're quick to back peddle out and find a new path. With the guidance of the stars, I believe Porygon is the best partner for you! I hope you two have a long lasting companionship!”

Name: Sebastion Miles
Nickname: Bastion
Age: 22
Birthdate: April 14th, Aries
Gender: Male
Hometown: Platinum City, Borealis region
Occupation: Recent College Grad
Type of Trainer: New
Favorite Type: Normal
Least Favorite Type: Rock


Growing up in the big city, Sebastion is very fluid and adaptable, blending into new crowds and situations like an illusive Kecleon. He is extremely extroverted and tends to get restless if left alone for too long. Bastion is very curious and loves staying at the forefront of new technology, constantly looking into what is being developed and the ideas behind each new creation. Being just out of college, he is somewhat adrift, not sure where he should go next. Also, he has a hard time dealing with people who aren't particularly clever, as he's spent the last few years of his life surrounded by those pursuing higher learning.


As a kid in Platinum City, Sebastion was surrounded by a seemingly endless world full of zooming cars, flashing lights and a kaleidoscope of people; he looked out and saw an infinite number of possibilities for the future. As he grew up however, the world seemed to lose its magic; the lights seemed faded, the bustling city became a hive of lifeless drones and the people just seemed like the same rotation of faces and problems. He grew restless, wanting to go out and explore the faraway lands he learned about in his classes, but he was stuck in a rut of working, classes and rest. The infinite possibilities he saw as a kid had vanished till only two remained in his eyes: he could go to work after he graduated and live the same dull life as so many other resident of Platinum City, or he could leave, forge his own path, and hopefully come out with a story or two to tell. 

When graduation day finally came, he had his travel bag already packed.

-Laptop in his bag


Nickname: Digit
Gender: Genderless
Species: Porygon
OT: Prof. Larix
Ability: Trace
-Magnet Rise
-Signal Beam 

Digit is an extremely analytical Pokemon who prides itself on its ability to out maneuver its foes. Digit prefers the comfort of Bastion's electronics over the cramped space inside Pokeballs, often taking residence in its owner's laptop or PokeDex. Using the keyboard of these objects, Digit communicates its emotions with Bastion via emoticons and emojis.  


Austin Boitnott
Artist | Student
United States
I'm an on again/ off-again doodler. Expect fan stuff mostly, Pokemon, League, and random other stuff I like. I love doing character concepts, so expect those too.


No journal entries yet.

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